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At an incomparable and unbeatable price, and suitable for almost any use, the Recyclable paper cups are our most popular product. Our customers - especially businesses and corporations - use cups for multiple purposes, including internal and external marketing such as trade shows, fairs, events, exhibitions or private parties and for all types of beverages, hot or cold (e.g. fruit juices, coffees, smoothies, lemonades, etc.) If it's liquide it can be served in our cups, making promoting your brand easy, convenient and attractive. .
Our Personalized Paper Cups are printed in offset and full color printing. This allows you to use as many colors as you want for your design at no additional cost. So there is no limit to your creativity! All our colors are guaranteed to be odorless and tasteless
European Production
All our products are produced in Europe with a guarantee of the best prices, fast delivery and the possibility of ordering in small quantities. Since all paper cups are made in Europe, Production and expedition time are very fast.
We are always looking to offer you the best products. This is why our paper cups are available in several sizes.
The 4 oz are perfect for a very Espressos .
The 7 oz are mainly used for coffee machines.
8 oz are the best-selling paper cups and are widely used by businesses hosting trade shows or other events, or by cafes that offer coffee in different sizes.
12 oz are used by many cafes and cafeterias that only offer one cup size and want to have an intermediate size, between small and large coffee.
The 16 oz, the maxi size cup in which you can serve almost 500ml of drink.
More than a Coffee Cup
Paper cups aren't just for coffee, tea and other drinks. Our customers use our paper cups for other purposes too - get inspired and inspire the clients differently.
Whatever the occasion, a trade show, a presentation or other type of event, why not give it a try and change the coffee for a snack to nibble such as popcorn, nuts or even insects. . Thanks to a wide selection of sizes, you decide how much you want to supply!
Would you like to hire or target students? Why not give away personalized paper cups for free in a canteen or cafeteria? Bring joy with a refreshing drink, and let your personalized cardboard cups maximize your brand visibility, just ensuring that the cup is distributed to students.
Would you like to serve an ice cream or a milkshake in your cup? Please check our Ice Cream Cups
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