File Format

Please submit your art as a vector file in one of the following formats : .AI, .EPS, or .PDF . Vector allows us to size the art up and down to fit the product best and will prevent any unintended loss of clarity or quality in the printing. Here is a comparison of jpeg logo and a vector logo to demonstrate the difference in quality. Please contact us at with any questions about your submission for custom printed cups and other items .

Color Matching

Please include any Pantone color codes with your paper cup art. Having a set color from the Pantone library will ensure that we get the exact color you want on your product. If you do not have specific Pantone colors, we will do a color match to the closest Pantone, free of charge! Keep in mind: Pantone Matching System (PMS) is used for color matching, but all inks are blended by hand so some variances can be expected between batches or orders.


Please outline your text or include the font files with your submission. We don't have access to every font, so outlining the text before hand will help us get your message onto the product without any problems. If you would like us to make any changes to your text, then don't worry about outlining the text, but please include the font files with your art submission. Here is an example of what we see when a font file is not included and when the text is outlined.

Art Adjustments.

Please try to prepare your artwork as close as possible to how you would like it printed. We will be happy to work with you to help you make your art perfectly set up for your product, and the more we know about what you want, the smoother the process! Keep in mind, that the longer it takes to get the art ready, the longer it will be before paper cup printing can begin.

Reversed Print

Art works well when reversed. Please keep in mind that if you request your art with the logo as empty space on a color field, small details can be lost when it goes to print. When doing a reversed print, bolder is better!

Contact Us

If you have any kind of problem feel free to contact us, or message us with the website chatting service.
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