About Us

PromoCups, specialist in supplying printed cups. We've been helping our clients to intergrate the use of paper cups in their marketing strategies since 2008

Our mission is to make More than JUST A CUP

The idea of printed paper cups arose on the sideline of a football match on a sunny afternoon. Many supported drank coffee and the use of plain white paper cups stood out. That fact, in combination with the billboards places around the field, prompted the idea to sell the unused space on paper cups as ad space.

Quickly, both the public and private sectors showed great interest to use paper cups as a mean of communication. Anno 2019, a life without paper cups is almost unimaginable. We use them in offices, on the road and we still use them on the sidelines.

Because of the increased importance of durability and eco-responsibilty, we have expanded our assortment of cups. We're pushing back the boundaries in the use of reusable plastic cups. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all custom printable. It doesn't matter to us if you're organizing small local event or a big week-long festival. We strive to deliver perfection, so our clients don't ever want to switch back to disposables.


we offer a variety of both printed and unprinted cups and tubs. We help you to make the perfect design come to fruition without extra charge.

Browse our assortment of cups and pick the ones that fit your needs best.

We print out cups for local companies, sports clubs and coffee, but also for multinationals in France, Germany, England, The Netherlands and Spain.

You can find our cups in large parts of Europe. So who knows, perhaps you've used a PromoCups cup before.


At PromoCups, we are convinced that cups are more than a utilitarian object. We perceive cups a creative medium, that fits within every marketing mix.

Coffee, and also tea and water, as consumed everywhere. In offices, but also on big events with large numbers of visitors. Therefore, a cup has the potential to garner plenty of attention, especially when an eye-catching print is added. Whether it's used to spread a serious public service announcement in a hospital, a playful print for a marketing campaign or branding for your coffee bar. We feel like cups are underutilized as a marketing tool.

How did we evolve ?

In the early years, PromoCups primarily sold paper cups with a PE Coating and PET disposable cups. These cups had been the norm for years and were widely used. However, with the current climate awareness movement in mind, we started to look for more durable solutions.

To replace the PE-coated paper cups, we added a full range of biodegradable paper cups. These cups have the same PromoCups quality your are accustomed to. And of course, the bio cups are full printable.

To reduce the use of disposable plastic cups, we have added a variety of hard plastic cups in all shapes and sizes. The cups are made of Polycarbonate or Polypropylene and you can even add your own twist to them. Our reusable cups are almost unbreakable and dishwasher proof. You can already see and use them on several large festivals

We are welcoming any tips or suggestion to stay ahead of the curve and make the world a cleaner place for generations to come.